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100 Million+ Indian Workers took United Strike action

Gulliver Un-chained !

28th February class action was India’s 14th general strike since the country opened up its economy to aggressive neo-liberal reforms in 1991 and without any exaggeration this was the biggest, surpassing all records of the past.

It is indeed not a coincidence that the Indian capitalist press, barring very few, struggled to play down the success and the enthusiastic participation of the workers in the 28th February General strike. What ever be the skills of these ‘pen-pushers’ (or should we say ‘type-techs’) it was more than evident that the period of struggle of the Indian Working Class has arrived. In every Major city of India including different ‘Silicon Valleys’ the strike did have a telling effect which was more than evident from what the bourgeois media cried as “disruption” of normal life. read more