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Repeal AFSPA now!

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Why wait for getting into power in the State again?!

Firstly it is a Central Govt. issue, secondly Prime Minister Singh, as early as in 2004, made a definite promise to the people of Manipur,that the AFSPA would be repealed, and even set up the Jivan Reddy Commission to look into the issue, the Commission gave a categorical report recommending the repeal of the draconian law, that report is lying in cold storage. read more

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Social & Progressive Poetry


We gathered to speak our rights
They came and told us we have none
We resisted them with our fights
They called us names and snatched our bun.
They told everybody we were evil, enemies of the nation
Hypocrites with words and heckled our mission.

Some who did not believe their tongue
Were made to swear on god
They had to prove their innocence
With their hand on their children’s head read more

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Capitalist Globalisation & India

Capitalist Globalization: India in a death trap

Down with Neo-liberalism which is impoverishing the peasantry and the urban poor!

The following article is written by Kaveri Rajaram Indira, an activist and a close supporter of New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India). The article appeared in the Jan-Feb 2012 edition of Dudiyora Horaata (Workers’ Struggle). read more

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Public health crisis in India

During the 2011 budget, when the Indian GDP is estimated to increase by 37% from 2009-10 to 2011-12, the allocation for the health ministry for the various public health oriented national disease control and prevention programmes has gone down by 14%. The Indian ruling class are only concerned on protecting their vested interests and the interests of the private health care industry. read more