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Condemnable arrest of anti-POSCO movement’s mass leader Com. Abhay Sahoo

Statement of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

It is a matter of great concern that Odisha government in order to push forward the POSCO steel project at Dhinkia and Gobindpur near Paradip port has once again arrested the leader of the anti-POSCO resistance movement – POSCO Pratirod Sangram Samithi (PPSS) and CPI leader, Abhay Sahoo. The arrest comes after years of heroic resistance put up by the peasants and fisher folk of Dhinkia and Gobindpur against all attempts by the Odisha government and POSCO hired goons to take away their precious land. read more

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Spirited Action Against AFSPA

In Solidarity with Irom Sharmila’s 12th year Fast

To express solidarity support with Irom Sharmila’s fast and protest against the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the North East and Kashmir, People’s Solidarity Concrens-Bangalore (a forum of radical activists, human rights and political groups which includes the New Socialist Alternative) organized a series of programmes on 26th November. This included screening of a film, talk by Babloo Loitongbam and a protest at Town Hall (well known protest point in Bangalore) that was attended by about 500 people, mostly students. read more

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Press Release: Citizen’s Organization back Irom Sharmila

(Report from The Hindu)

Photo: Reuters

Expressing solidarity with Irom Sharmila – the activist who has entered the 12th year of hunger fast demanding repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Manipur – members of People’s Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore, a forum of various human rights organisations, have organised a series of programmes, including film screenings, a public talk and demonstration on Sunday in the city. read more

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Anti-Nuclear Struggles

Nuclear Energy – A project of descending darkness.

The following article is written by an activist of the May Seventeenth Movement and also a close supporter of the New Socialist Alternative (CWI – India). It is based on a report from a seminar in Madurai during the anti-nuclear yatra to Koodankulam that took place recently.

The anti-nuclear movement is starting to gather some momentum in India, particularly after the experience of the anti-nuclear protest at Koodankulam that has become a source inspiration for all those fighting against the nuclear madness that has afflicted the Indian ruling class. Unable to take the protesters head on, the Indian ruling class has started to deploy all its witch doctors, from nuclear fanatics like Abdul Kalam (who has gone on record to state that the reactors are 100% safe!) to the spread of misinformation that the protest is being funded by foreign sources and organizing pro-nuclear rallies in Tamil Nadu. read more

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Sri Lanka

Migration: Why refugees seek asylum in Australia

Interview with Siritunga Jayasuriya, Sri Lankan socialist leader

Siritunga Jayasuriya is the leader of our sister party in Sri Lanka, the United Socialist Party. He is also the President of the Samastha Lanka Free Trade Union and has been active in the labour movement for over 40 years. Siritunga is well known in Sri Lanka for his opposition to the government’s war against the Tamil people. read more