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Red, red is the colour of their silk

Children of the deceased couple

One of the consequences of the liberalization of the Indian market during the post 90’s was the resulting heavy indebtedness of the Indian peasantry that has led to over 200,000 farm suicides in the last 14 years alone! While it was partying time for the rich & upper classes of the Indian society, to the vast majority of the Indian populace particularly the peasantry, it was unfolding of a nightmare of having to live through these pro market reforms where a combination of factors including lack of land reforms & redistribution, the mindless promotion of green revolution technology with focus on cash crops & high input driven (polluting) agriculture, signing of the WTO & GATT by the govt. in 1995 etc., have all led the the Indian peasantry into sort of debt trap leading many of them to take their own lives rather than be bonded to their patrons – the money lenders, banks, input suppliers, landlords etc. read more