Stop Hindutva

Stop the Hindutva Vigilantism

This event was organized by Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns – Bangalore which includes the New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India)

A very united and spirited show of solidarity by many, Student’s & Dalit organisations, Political Groups, Women organisations and many prominent progressive personalties against the dastardly police attack on the Students of Hyderabad University who are seeking Justice for Rohit Vemula who was a victim of Casteist conspiracy. The Protest also condemned the Hindutva Vigilantism which has gone on a spree of lynching and killing people especially the Muslims in the name of Cow protection. The gathering also extended Solidarity with Honda Workers of Rajasthan who are fighting for basic Workers Rights to form a Union and abolition of Contract Labour practice. Meeting was addressed by many representatives who were highly critical of the Modi administration which is showing its true colours on all sections of people through its draconian policies and has unleashed an undeclared EMERGENCY to coerce people. read more

Adivasi Struggles

Arrests of peoples’ activists go unabated!

It is quite obvious from the recent spate of arrests in various parts of the country that the very foundations of this project “DEMOCRACY” in India is a weak one. 

The glimmer that was though frail and feeble but still continued to be beacon of hope for few decades since the independence from the British. But the brown Sahibs have slowly and steadily eroded every value attached to this form of governance.  read more

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Adivasi Struggles

Sanjay Basu Mallick on Adivasi Struggles in India

The following article is based on a talk given by the radical intellectual and activist, Sanjay Basu Mallick of Jangal Bachao Andolan (Save Forest Movement) and NFFPFW (National Forum for Forest People and Forest Workers) recently in Bangalore, who has been tirelessly working among the Adivasis (Indian aboriginals) in Jharkhand for the past three to four decades. While the adivasi struggles (especially in Eastern India) have often been portrayed in the media as a Naxalite (Maoist) led struggle, what is often deliberatly ignored are the many democratic struggles taking place in many parts of Central India against the forces of capitalist globalization, who have started to plunder the rich natural resources in the lands inhabited by the adivasis. read more